All about the details is Mimosa’s philosophy & manifesto for all things beautiful.


Founded in 2016 during winter nights in Stockholm, Mimosa by Inka aspires to boost the personality of your home.

We manufacture bespoke upholstered headboards where we seek to combine vibrant colors and patterns mixed with an effortless & stylish Scandinavian touch - All Handcrafted.

Our goal is to make our customers feel special by offering them affordable luxury with beautifully made pieces at reasonable prices. Our own production facilities within EU allow us to work directly with the customer, with no middlemen involved. 


''In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all''





After years of watching my parents create and grow their upholstered furniture business, i found myself immersed in a world of interior design and grew up believing occasional & modest changes to your space can make a big defference to your home. 

I noticed that a bedroom, particularly, has a lot of character. I started creating an idea that would later define story to create a stylish yet classic piece that would accent any bedroom. I begun drawing headboards, matching meticulousness with imagination. Traveling and getting to know cultures helped me broaden ideas for creating a collection full of colors, shapes & stories.

Today, i spend most of my time creating new stories at the family owned furniture factory in Poland. 

Mimosa's attention to detail is entirely custom made which makes YOU our designer. The materials we use to produce wood frames are mainly shipped from Sweden, the wide assortment of fabrics and their patterns and colors are sourced by few small yet very high quality companies in South of Sweden. 

Our dedicated craftsmen have more than 29 years of experience, therefore we can guarantee a well made, high quality piece that is made to last and transform your everyday space into something exceptional.