Your Bedroom is your sanctuary, the place where you relax and unwind. 

Add the finishing touch to your bedroom by matching these accessories with our Headboards.

They were made for each other!


Petite Duo 

Comes in pairs and is a perfect match to our Mimosa Headboards or your favorite sofa! These jewels add a certain air of opulence to your bedroom space and are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. 

 - Now available at our online store!

Lola Bedspread

Understated yet opulent, this bedspread features a fine velvet fabric on the reverse and is hand-stitched and quilted to make your bed all the more inviting. Add a little luxury with our elegant and timeless Lola bedspread.

Custom made only and available in seven stunning colors! The subtle colors are easy to mix and match with your other favorite bedroom textiles and cushions for an effortless layered look.

Sizes available- Single: 180x250 & Double:260x260

 - Soon available at our online store!